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Cycling board game

Do you love cycling? Become a rider, a coach, a strategist! Discover the emotions of the race by leading your own race. Reflection, strategy, team racing, little chance.

The Board Game

board and video game

12+ years

1-6 players

60 min

The board game

A brand new board game about cycling. This game can be played by up to 18 people (6 teams of 3 players). It is a real peloton with real figures. The special thing about this game is that you don't have to play as such. You can wait, help out your leader, follow your rivals... in short, all aspects of the cycling race, from the "edge" to the "aspiration".

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What's in the box

  • A game board with two circuits

  • Three bags of 6 runners.

  • 36 identification stickers.

  • Instructions for use in three languages (NL, ENG, FR)

  • A large number of profiles

  • 1 dice

What's in the box ?

Extend your Magnytour experience!

Aucune image

Large game board 152 x 75 mountain type

10,00 €

Louis Garneau cycling jersey, made in Canada

75,00 €

Set of 6 riders

6,50 €

Pack of 10 cobbled cards

1,00 €

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  • Une réduction de 20% sur le jeu vidéo Magnytour

Une réduction de 20% sur le jeu vidéo Magnytour

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