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About Magnytour

Cycling board game

Game presentation

This game can be played by up to 18 people (6 teams of 3 players). It is a real platoon with real figures.

The particularity of this game is that you don't have to play as such. You can wait, help out your leader, follow your rivals ... in short, all aspects of the cycling race.
It goes from "the edge" to "the suction".
At each moment, you ask yourself: "Should I follow or not, or should I take my chances", like in poker!

When you try this board game, you catch the passion.

Video game

Discover the digital version of our game! The Magnytour video game takes the rules of the board game and lets riders and managers compete for victory along an immersive set.

Available on Steam: play with friends or players from all over the world!

Board and video game

12+ years

1-6 Players

60 min

The board game

The board with two circuits, mountain and plain (front and back), offers well finished scenery. It's fun to slide the riders on these boards.
Depending on the stage profile, the game can be played in 15 minutes or more than 1 hour (mountain stage).

Early in the day, a thrilling Tour de France can end in the evening. A lot of fun in perspective.

Many possibilities to do another profile, or another circuit, and simply a race to your liking.

Simple, you choose the distance, the difficulties, short, you do as you wish. There are 3 major tours on offer, and a multitude of different profiles.
You can become a runner, an organizer, a manager, etc...

You will find a nice presentation of the circuits, beautiful figurines of riders, a superb booklet in three languages (FR, NL, ENG), a wooden dice, and identification stickers.

Authentic Tradition

The box includes

  • A game board with two circuits

  • Three bags of 6 runners.

  • 36 identification stickers.

  • Instructions for use in three languages (NL, ENG, FR)

  • A large number of profiles

  • 1 dice

An exciting experience

If you love cycling, become a racer, a coach, a strategist!

Discover the emotions of the race by leading your own race. Reflection, strategy, team racing, little chance.

This game will bring you relaxation and passion.

Have a good trip

Our Philosophy

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